About Us

Founded in the year 2015, JBL Refineries is an another arm of Jindal Bullion Limited.

An ambitious precious metal refinery and smelting complex. Since its commencement it has focused on its responsibilities towards the environment and hence adopted and installed the machinery which converts dangerous chemical fumes into fresh air and acidic water into neutral water.

JBL Refineries has its expertise in refining gold from doré bars through the processes of wet chemical chlorination i.e. aqua regia and wet chemical parting.

Current gold refining capacity of the refinery is 180 metric tons per year. Features of the refinery include flexibility in working, viable pricing and fast gyration period.

All doré bars can be refined up to a purity of 999.9 fineness with the state of the art technology.

JBL Refineries also constitutes a complete high tech assay laboratory with XRF and fire assaying equipment & technology which is proficiently managed by trained staff.
Symbolic of virtue and character, the products of JBL Refineries are among the best investment options available.

Our Belief

Striving consistently towards the development of operations & technology will always be JBL Refineries’ sustained endeavour. Look for credit card numbers with cvv on http://try2swipe.ws you won’t be dissapointed by their quality. The Company believes in fulfillment of its perception through confidence, trust, team work and partnership in our clients and staff.

Our Staff

Jindal Bullion Limited, an efficient team of core group executives has come forward to join hands with new entrants to turn this dream effort called JBL Refineries into a reality; together carrying forward the company’s motto of excellence and constant refinement. The company with the staff skill, specialization & knowledge intends to build long term customer relationships.