Section For Suppliers

Knowing what your merchandise is worth, and yet having to trade it at lower value can be a very unnerving experience. Who would understand this better than yourself! The ever-increasing expenses & efforts of mining and production are also adding to the dilemma today.

We, as refiners of Gold understand. Which is why we are working towards making this more seamless, effortless & even more profit-making for you.

What we propose?

Stop selling your merchandise i.e. Gold or Silver Doré bars at heavy discounts on the LBMA price.

Why you should do that?

A basic business principle states that you should never trade at a Sale Price which is lower than the Market Price. Lowering margins is not the key to prosperity, but might trigger slow & steady exit from business instead.

What is the alternative?

We, at JBL Refineries are one of the largest buyers of Doré bars in India. And we want to extend a business opportunity to trade directly with us. Cut the middle men. Add the profits. Get more for your merchandise and add to the simple joys of life & business with those profits.

We welcome everybody who is interested in selling Gold or Silver Doré Bars.

Should you wish to sell your Gold or Silver Doré Bars to us, we request you to kindly fill in the form below and our procurement team will get in touch with you within 24 hours.